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Life Builder Seminars is a women's Ministry utilizing seminars and conferences to equip and empower women for life.
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“I can’t say enough about Life Builders, its personal for me because of the miraculous change it has implemented into my life…”


Maria Salas Duran talking about the effect Life Builder Seminars has had on her life.

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See What Women are Saying about Lifebuilder Seminars

“What I love about Lifebuilder Seminars is that it is a place were women from different walks of life, different ethnicities, different ages come together and let their hair down, let mascara run down there face…a place that is safe to receive and release all that is in our hearts in the awesome presence and teachings of our heavenly father….”-Desiree Hernandez


“This is one of the best girl get togethers! A place to grow and be empowered.” -Kelly Elders


“Life Builders is awesome. I thank God for the teachings & the beautiful women of God who present & teach each lesson. I encourage you ladies to find a life builder seminar in your area. See What God can do for you. I am blessed & forever changed for the better because of life builders”. -Stella Rivera


“I experienced a life-changing experience at a Life Builder Seminar event in 2011. The monthly seminars are edifying and a valuable part of my life. Love these women of God”. – Esther Rendon


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