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Life Builder Seminars is a women's Ministry utilizing seminars and conferences to equip and empower women for life.
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Job Search Strategies

At LifeBuilder Seminars, we a dedicated to providing tools to equip and empower women for life. We have been giving tips on conducting an effective job search on our Facebook Page. Here we have compiled a list of resources you can use to help you find a job. Click on any one of the items in the list below to be taken to different sites that may help you in your search. We hope this helps!

These are just resources and places to begin your search. Here are some additional tips for beginning your search, posted by Jeremy Berg from BERG Professional Staffing:

1. Be Prepared. When beginning the process of applying for a job, make sure you set your email address and voicemail to be as professional as possible. Having Annalovestoparty as your email will probably make the employer skip to the next resume (nothing personal to the Anna’s out there, but I had to pick a name). Likewise, make sure your voicemail sounds professional, leaving out any music or jargon language so the employer gets your best impression if they are going to leave you a message.

2. Use what’s out there. Utilize free services that provide career counseling and job search assistance such as Recruiters, college career offices, or your local public library. Professional Recruiters are very helpful with resume advice. Also many libraries provide workshops, programs, classes, computers and printers you can use, and other resources to help you with your job search.

3. Create Your Own Templates. One thing that is very effective is creating templates, so it is easy to edit your resume to match the keywords employers are looking for. Many Employers today use scanners to search for keywords in your resume. If it doesn’t have those keywords, it will not be looked at. So it’s important to match your skills to the needs the employers highlight in the job posting, so they will be sure to find you.

4. Use Job Search Engines. Make the Job postings come to you. There are many Job Search Engines where you can sign up for jobs in your profession, set to your skills and what you want in a company. Typically you can sign up to receive free job listing every day. Set a goal for yourself to apply to 5-10 of those every day, in addition to other things you find. They are a great resource.

5. Use Your Network. Many of the job openings aren’t added to job listing boards. It’s important to let everyone you know that you are looking for work. Post it on facebook, use twitter and Linkedin to build your network. Remember, trying to get a job in this economy, you are marketing yourself.

These tips were provided by Jeremy Berg, courtesy of For more information about Jeremy and BERG Professional Staffing, check out his website or follow Jeremy on Twitter: @jeremyberg34,

*Disclaimer- we have links to external sites, however that doesn’t mean we endorse them in any way. They are merely there as a helpful tool.