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Life Builder Seminars is a women's Ministry utilizing seminars and conferences to equip and empower women for life.
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Featured Speaker

Dr. Sandie Freed


Sandie Freed is the Co-Senior Pastor of Lifegate Church International, which is a racially and culturally diverse ministry in Bedford, Texas. She is the founder and director of Lifegate Leadership Institute where saints (in active ministry and also the marketplace) are trained and equipped to be effective ministers for the Kingdom of God. She has also pioneered the School of the Prophetic Ministry since 1988 in the Texas region. Sandie is a prolific author of over eleven books (see publication list below) and various articles for magazines such as Charisma and The Voice.She has been on numerous radio programs as well as television interviews such as James Robison’s Life Today and Celebration (Daystar) with Joni and Marcus Lamb.
Sandie is an ordained prophet by Bishop Bill Hamon and received her Doctorate Degree of Divinity from Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. She has been in full time ministry for over twenty-five years. and continues to travel nationally and internationally with her cutting-edge ministry. With a passion to witness God’s demonstration and power, Sandie is used by the Lord to release the miraculous as well as demonstrate an anointing for personal and corporate breakthroughs. Sandie is also know as a modern day Joseph as she interprets dreams and visions as well as is a sought after speaker for dreams and visions conferences.
Prior to ministry, Sandie co-labored with her husband, Mickey, as a custom home builder/professional designer and decorator. When not ministering or decorating Sandie enjoys her horses on their ranch in the Fort Worth, Texas area. She and Mickey have one daughter, Kimberly who is married to Daniel Wheeler, and two grandsons; Elijah and Perrin.

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Books by Dr. Freed:

Letting Go of Limitations: Experiencing God’s Transforming Power
being released October 2013 published by Chosen Books
Power in the Blood: Claiming Your Spiritual Inheritance
published by Chosen Books
The Jezebel Yoke: Breaking Free from Bondage and Deception
published by Chosen Books
Silencing the Accuser: Eight Lies Satan Uses Against Christians
published by Chosen Books
Conquering the Antichrist Spirit: Discerning and Defeating the Seducer That Binds Believers Today
published by Chosen Books
Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty: Discerning and Defeating the Ancient Powers of Mammon and Babylon
published by Chosen Books
Heavens Voice Touching Earth: Hearing the Sounds of Heaven
published by Kingdom Word Publishers
Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah
published by Chosen Books
Strategies from Heaven’s Throne: Claiming the Life God Wants for You
published by Chosen Books
Destiny Thieves: Defeating Seducing Spirits and Achieving Your Purpose in God
published by Chosen Books
Dream On: Unlocking Dreams and Visions
published by Kingdom Word Publishers

Articles by Dr. Freed

Numerous Articles featured on Elijah List and Identity Network
Several Contributions have been made to publications as “The Voice” magazine, and “Charisma”.
Apostolic Connections.
Serving on Bishop Bill Hamon’s Board of Governors (Christian International) for over17 years.
Global Spheres, Chuck Pierce.

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