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Life Builder Seminars is a women's Ministry utilizing seminars and conferences to equip and empower women for life.
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Weekly Encouragement

New Territory

03 Jan 2014, Posted by admin in Weekly Encouragement

I will never forget how relieved I was when the words penetrated my heart and thoughts- “You have been on the operating table for a while now…” I remember laughing out loud and thinking “that is exactly how I feel!!” I have been in bondage…

Disappointed About My Gift

26 Dec 2013, Posted by admin in Weekly Encouragement

It was the early 90’s and I was a wee child excited for Christmas Day, yet distraught because there were only three presents underneath the Christmas Tree. To make matters worse, all the gifts had mine AND my brother’s name on them. I was not…

Undo Button

20 Nov 2013, Posted by admin in Weekly Encouragement

The undo button is my favorite button. If I accidentally delete a whole page, I press undo. If I accidentally type over some words, I press undo. The undo button saves me an abundance of time because after pressing undo, it’s like the mistake never…


13 Nov 2013, Posted by admin in Weekly Encouragement

This morning I was in prayer and after I was done, I decided to stop and listen for God.  I began to hear Him comfort me with His word when all of a sudden I heard “Thank you”.  I stopped for a moment after wondering,…

Hit Your Target

07 Nov 2013, Posted by admin in Weekly Encouragement

When I heard about the November Life Builder topic Hit Your Target, I immediately thought to myself “what does it take to hit a target?”  A target could be a goal you want to reach, a decision you have to make, or a change that…